New and updated VISs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated the following Vaccine Information Statements or VISs. Please make sure your office is distributing the most recent versions of these and other VISs:
9vHPV: 4/15/15

Hib: 4/2/15
Tdap: 2/24/15
Td: 2/24/15
Rotavirus: 4/15/15

For the complete list of current VISs, visit the CDC’s Web page.

Updated travel notices

Travel notices related to measles outbreaks in Angola, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, and Ethiopia have recently been added to the CDC’s travel notices page as has an H5N1 bird flu notice related to travel to Egypt. All of these are currently posted as level 1 precautions. However, an additional 11 level-1 travel notices were also posted in March. For additional information about these and other outbreaks around the world or for travel tips and information, visit the CDC’s travel website.

New video shows how vaccines work

Carrington College recently posted a short video on their medical blog related to how vaccines work. The video is part of a larger project that discusses vaccines and vaccine science.

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