Needle Tips is a free publication offered by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC). Written for health professionals who provide immunizations to children, teens or adults, the quarterly publication offers timely immunization information, photocopy-ready handouts and expert answers to immunization-related questions. Vaccinate Adults is a concise presentation of the content from each Needle Tips issue, so that providers who immunize only adults, do not need to search through the issue of Needle Tips to locate relevant articles.

The March 2015 issues of each were recently released. The current issue of Needle Tips includes:

  • Resources to help with the measles outbreak
  • Summary tables of child and teen as well as adult immunization schedules
  • Charts for route, site and needle size for administering vaccines
  • A new HPV vaccine handout for young adults
  • Pneumococcal vaccine handouts
  • Standing orders handouts and templates
  • Statistics demonstrating that vaccines work
  • Parent handout highlighting the top ten reasons to vaccinate their children
  • Screening checklists for contraindications and precautions to vaccines

Vaccinate Adults contains only those articles that pertain to adult immunizations.

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