Pair of Documentaries Addresses Vaccines

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Two documentaries recently addressed the topic of vaccines — one produced by a group of high school broadcast journalism students, and the other by an award-winning team from PBS and WGHB Nova.

Invisible Threat, released online to coincide with the start of National Immunization Awareness Month, was created by students of Carlsbad High School and Carlsbad High School Television Films (CHSTV) in California. The documentary, which took 18 months of work to produce, examines the childhood vaccination/autism debate. Upon completion, it garnered glowing endorsements from a variety of organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, a host of well-respected universities and medical centers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccines — Calling the Shots examines parents’ concerns or questions regarding childhood vaccines from scientific angles, while steering clear of social controversies. The film also examines vaccination from a risk-benefit point of view, illustrating how the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risk of adverse effects. Vaccines — Calling the Shots premiered Sept. 10 on PBS and is available to watch at the link below. 


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