Pentacel® shortage

The CDC recently released guidance related to the shortage of Pentacel that is expected to last throughout the first part of 2016.

If you do not receive CDC’s shortage updates, you can consult the CDC’s online information or register to get free alerts from the CDC.

VIS updates

The CDC recently updated two vaccine information statements (VIS) — PCV13 and multi-pediatric vaccines. The most current edition date is 11/5/15 for both of these.

To ensure that your office is providing the most updated VIS for all vaccines, visit the CDC’s VIS Web page.

Two new videos

Recently, two newly available videos have come to our attention:

  • Lady Ganga: Nilza’s Story – This 18-minute video shares the story of Michele Frazier Baldwin, a mother of three who succumbed to cervical cancer caused by HPV infection. When she knew she was dying, she traveled to India to paddleboard down the Ganges River in order to find peace and to bring awareness to cervical cancer and its prevention to the women of India. Watch the video to see how her story saved another mom — a world away.
  • Teen awareness video by a teen – To fulfill the requirements for his Eagle Scout Badge, teen Robert Till worked with the Pennsylvania Montgomery County Immunization Coalition (MCIC) to produce a teen awareness video about the importance of vaccinations. The three-and-a-half minute video includes interviews with experts and is available on YouTube.

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