Technically Speaking: IAC Launches New MenB Vaccination Honor Roll

The Honor Roll Recognizes Colleges and Universities That Require or Recommend the Vaccine to Protect Their Students

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Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has just launched a MenB Vaccination Honor Roll to provide national recognition for colleges and universities that have established policies requiring or recommending meningococcal serogroup B (MenB) vaccination to protect their students and to prevent outbreaks. The MenB Vaccination Honor Roll recognizes exemplary institutions that have taken the lead in establishing such policies.

To qualify for the MenB Vaccination Honor Roll, an institution must have a policy requiring or recommending MenB vaccination for students. To date, IAC has identified 38 colleges and universities that require MenB vaccination and 214 that recommend it.

Colleges and universities added to the MenB Vaccination Honor Roll will be announced in IAC’s weekly immunization e-newsletter, IAC Express, emailed to more than 50,000 subscribers every Wednesday. You can subscribe to IAC Express at

The Honor Roll webpage also includes great resources such as news stories about meningitis B outbreaks, personal stories from families affected by meningitis B, journal articles and links to organizations that work to prevent meningitis. 

Please help us to grow the honor roll! Alert us at if you know of a college or university that requires or recommends MenB vaccination for its students. Also, colleges and universities may apply on the website for honor roll recognition.

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