Technically Speaking: IAC’s Newly Updated “COVID-19 Vaccines” Webpage

Makes It Easy to Find Important Resources from CDC and Others

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Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers

The large body of COVID-19 vaccination information expands daily, making it challenging for healthcare professionals to stay up to date with all the newly released COVID-19 resources for frontline vaccinators.

To assist you in finding the key information you need, IAC continues to add new links and resources to its COVID-19 Vaccines webpage at For example, information about the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine, recently approved for emergency use authorization by FDA, has been newly added.

On IAC’s COVID-19 Vaccines webpage, IAC has assembled links to key COVID-19 vaccine resource pages from CDC, IAC, and other partners. To facilitate easy access to the information, the webpage is divided into several important topic areas, including: 

The site also facilitates access to COVID-19 vaccine-specific resource pages from medical and public health organizations.

There are three ways to easily locate IAC’s COVID-19 Vaccine webpage:

  • Go directly to
  • On the IAC home page at, click on the bright yellow display box in the right column
  • From anywhere on, go to the light blue band of tabs across the top, choose the "Vaccines” tab, and then select “COVID-19” from the drop-down menu 

Check back frequently as IAC's COVID-19 vaccine resources expand.

Additional resources from IAC

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