Hopefully, each month you find the “Technically Speaking” article to be helpful when it comes to providing tips and information related to vaccine administration. As another year comes to an end, we wanted to remind you to bookmark some of the most popular columns from 2018, so that you can refer to them in the coming year and share them with new or existing staff.

When you make a daily effort to immunize patients, the process can become routine. While repetition is useful for making staff comfortable with procedures, it can also lead to less attention to detail — setting the stage for inadvertent vaccine administration errors. Periodic review of vaccine administration procedures as a team, or providing vaccinators with articles such as these, can help to identify variability in procedures and offer opportunities to discuss and standardize care within your practice.

So, as 2018 winds down, take a moment to review the most popular “Technically Speaking” articles from the past year, and begin 2019 with renewed commitment to developing standardized or “best” practices within your healthcare setting for immunization of your patients:

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