The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) receives hundreds of emails and phone calls from healthcare professionals each month, many of which describe medical errors related to vaccination. Unfortunately, the availability of more vaccine products and an increasingly complex immunization schedule increase the likelihood of errors.

Over the past four years, IAC received more than 1,500 questions about medical errors related to vaccination, including errors in vaccine storage and handling, administration, scheduling and documentation. Commonly reported errors include violations of minimum intervals and age, incorrect scheduling of live virus vaccines, administration of the wrong vaccine (or one not recommended/licensed for use in the patient), providing a pediatric dose to an adult or vice versa, using the wrong route or site for administration, and using expired or improperly reconstituted vaccine.

The result of such errors can be serious, including harm to the vaccinee from a side effect, inadequate disease protection, inconvenience to the parent/patient, unreimbursed cost to the provider, possible feelings of ill will or loss of trust in the provider, and possible negative media publicity. Avoiding such errors benefits everyone. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you avoid vaccination errors, including the following:

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