A variety of books are available about risk communication. Here are a few that might be of interest:

  • Risk in Perspective by Dr. Kimberly M. Thompson – This book is light on text and heavy on humor. The author, a risk communication expert from Harvard’s School of Public Health, has compiled a variety of comics and quotes that can be used when thinking about risk perception, assessment and communication. The book also includes activities that the author uses with her students to help them better understand risk. Read more about the author and her work on the Age of Risk Management website; her book is available on Amazon.com.
  • Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks by Regina E. Lundgren and Andrea H. McMakin – Recently published in its fifth edition, the book is divided into five parts including:
    • Understanding risk communication
    • Planning risk communication efforts
    • Putting risk communication into action, including a chapter on working with the media
    • Evaluating risk communication efforts
    • Special cases in risk communication

      The book is available on Amazon.com and from Barnes and Noble.
  • Risk and Crisis Communications: Methods and Messages by Pamela (Ferrante) Walaski – Published in 2011 and with a blazing red cover, this book offers the basics about risk and crisis communication as well as the different approaches to risk communication before guiding readers through the process of developing and delivering a message. The book concludes with case studies related to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and the BP oil spill.

The book is available on Amazon.com and from Barnes and Noble.