Vaccine News & Notes — April 2019

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CDC video shows what to expect after vaccinations

In the third video of the CDC series, How Vaccines Work, viewers can learn about the minor side effects children may experience after getting a vaccine.

VEC director gets ‘Down in the Mumps’

The National Public Radio affiliate WHYY recently featured Dr. Paul Offit, VEC Director, as a guest of The Why podcast to discuss a local university mumps outbreak and talk about why mumps outbreaks are occurring on college campuses. Dr. Offit also addressed college outbreaks of mumps as part of a VEC news feature video.

A rusty nail and tetanus: Is this connection correct?

Why is a mention of tetanus often immediately followed by the thought of a rusty nail? Check out this story from Live Science to find out. Live Science also recently wrote about a young boy from Oregon who got tetanus after his parents chose not to vaccinate him. He was the first person in the state to be infected with tetanus in more than 30 years.

National Infant Immunization Week is a great time to check your whole family’s vaccine needs

The 25th anniversary celebration of National Infant Immunization Week is April 27 to May 4. Given the disease outbreaks in the news lately, it’s a good time to make sure your family members are up to date on their vaccines. You can also share important information about infant vaccines with any new or expectant parents you know by using the VEC’s Vaccines and Your Baby booklet.

Updated autism Q&A sheet

The VEC recently updated its Q&A newsletter, Vaccines and Autism: What you should know. It is also available in Spanish.