Vaccine News & Notes — August 2021

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See how COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work!

Screenshot from How mRNA Vaccines Work video Wondering about the new COVID-19 mRNA vaccines? Check out our new animation, How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work. Viewers watch from inside a cell to see how the mRNA vaccine is processed by our immune system and how immunity is generated.

Check it out today!

“Get Back on Track with Routine Vaccines”

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). As some people fell behind on vaccines during the pandemic, this year’s theme is “Get Back on Track with Routine Vaccines” to remind people to check that they are up to date. So, as you prepare the kids for “back to school,” this is the perfect time to make sure the whole family is up to date on their vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some helpful tools and resources for checking your family’s vaccine needs:

Vaccine Education Center resources:

Is your student planning to study abroad?

While most study abroad programs were halted during the pandemic, these opportunities are starting to come back. As such, the CDC recently enhanced their information for students preparing to study abroad. If your student, or someone you know, is making plans, be sure they check out this comprehensive travel- and health-related information from the CDC.

New book for children explains “community immunity”

Mobi Vs. The Shield is a new book that takes children on a fun adventure where they meet Mobi, “a pesky measles virus,” and Victor, “a superhero vaccine.” Created by The Immunization Partnership, Mobi Vs. The Shield teaches children the importance of getting vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them from infectious diseases. The book explores different situations as Mobi’s plan to infect everyone in Townsville is thwarted as a result of vaccination and community immunity.

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