Vaccine News & Notes — December 2017

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Family stories personalize experiences with influenza

When you open the Families Fighting Flu (FFF) website, it’s staring right at you — a quote from a family that’s lost a child to influenza; a picture of that child; and hands grasping the picture, as if just trying to hold on. FFF is a group formed through these shared losses. Comprised of families who want to save others from what they have experienced, they willingly, though with difficulty, share their personal stories while spreading the word about the devastation influenza can cause and the importance of annual influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months of age and older. Read their stories, learn about influenza, and find out how to keep your family healthy by visiting their website today.

Making a better flu vaccine

The flu vaccine is the only one that requires vaccination each year. That’s, in part, because the influenza virus changes from season to season. Recently, VEC Director, Paul Offit, MD, discussed the scientific challenges to making a better influenza vaccine in a new video produced by the VEC. The video compliments an article Dr. Offit wrote for The Daily Beast, “Why can’t we make a better flu vaccine?”

New shingles vaccine has multiple benefits for elderly population

In a recent column for The Daily Beast, Dr. Offit discussed a new shingles vaccine called Shingrix®. The article outlines new recommendations for use of the vaccine and discusses why its licensure and availability is good news for seniors.

Free online course about viruses, vaccines and the immune system

If you’re interested in understanding more about viruses, vaccines and the immune system, check out a free, new online course called Viruses & How to Beat Them: Cells, Immunity, Vaccines hosted by edX. The course addresses cell structure and function, what happens when viruses infect us, how the immune system works, and the pros and cons of vaccination. The introductory level course opened in late November and is available through January 2018. Late registrants will be able to view all course materials.

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