Vaccine News & Notes — December 2019

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New video — Hilleman: The Man behind the Science

This newly released short film offers a glimpse into the personality and life of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the most prolific creator of vaccines to ever live. His efforts are estimated to save about 8 million lives every year. Find out why he could not pursue the career of his choice, and learn the guiding principle that informed both his successes and his one regret. The film can also be found on Dr. Hilleman’s biography page on the Hilleman film website.

SchoolVaxView enables parents to see immunization rates in their state

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers an interactive website where parents can check immunization rates by state. Called SchoolVaxView, parents can find kindergarten vaccination coverage or exemption rates by state or compare with historical data.

Check out kindergarten vaccination coverage or exemption rates in your state.

Is influenza in your area?

Each year, influenza infects millions of people in the United States, causing about 200,000 hospitalizations and thousands to tens of thousands of deaths. Throughout influenza season, the CDC publishes weekly updates that describe influenza activity around the country. The report, called FluView, includes interactive maps showing where influenza is occurring.

Check out influenza activity in your area.

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