Vaccine News & Notes — February 2019

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Parents PACK

CDC launches new video series

How Vaccines Work

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently launched a new video series for parents. How Vaccines Work introduces viewers to baby Jack and his parents as they get answers to common vaccine questions, including the importance of vaccinating on schedule.

The first video, How Vaccines Work: How Do Germs Make Your Baby Sick, explains how germs can infect babies, and how vaccines work with your immune system to protect you from disease.

Action to fight the flu

Flu season is in full force. While it may seem like the flu is everywhere, you can take steps to protect yourself and your family. The CDC offers important tips for fighting the flu, which are also illustrated in this infographic.

Vaccine hesitancy identified as global health threat

Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies 10 issues that will demand the most attention in the coming year. In addition to infections like pandemic flu, Ebola and Dengue, this year’s list also includes drug resistance and vaccine hesitancy. Check out the full list or find out more about each item on the list by visiting the WHO’s website.

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