Vaccine News & Notes — January 2022

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Infographic shows rarity of severe side effects following COVID-19 vaccination

The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) recently released an infographic to show who is most at risk for each of the severe side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccination and just how rarely they occur.

Check out the complete infographic [PDF, 157 KB].

Additional “Vaccine Conversations” videos

The “Vaccine Conversations” video series addresses common questions about vaccines. Find out more about the newest videos in the series:

Vaccines and risk

Dr. Risa Hoshino is a pediatrician and public health physician who works in New York City. During their conversation, Drs. Hoshino and Offit discussed:

  • Why we give vaccines for diseases we don’t see
  • How likely it is for a child to get a vaccine-preventable disease
  • How parents can consider risk
  • What it means to say there is no such thing as a “risk-free choice”

Dr. Hoshino can be found on Instagram and YouTube @dr.risahoshino.

Risk of unvaccinated people on vaccinated people

Dr. Beachgem10 is a TikTok creator and pediatric emergency medicine physician who works in Florida. During their conversation, Drs. Beachgem10 and Offit discussed:

  • Why unvaccinated people pose a risk to vaccinated people
  • Why “my body, my choice” is different for vaccines
  • Contagiousness of COVID-19 and measles viruses
  • Considerations when it comes to 5- to 11-year-olds and COVID-19
  • Individual rights and vaccines

Dr. Beachgem10 can be found on Instagram @dr.beachgem10, on TikTok @beachgem10, and on YouTube @Doctor Beachgem10.

Vaccines, Pregnancy, Development & Autism

Dr. Ripudaman Minhas is a developmental pediatrician in Ontario, Canada. During their conversation, Drs. Minhas and Offit discussed common questions related to vaccines and development, including:

  • Autism
  • Vaccination during pregnancy
  • Long-term risks
  • Impact on the developing nervous system
  • Whether to delay pregnancy after vaccination

Dr. Minhas posts on the Punjabi Kids’ Health social media channels, including @punjabikidshealth on TikTok and Instagram, Punjabi Kids’ Health on YouTube, and @RipudamanMinhas on Twitter.

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