Vaccine News & Notes — July 2017

Published on in Parents PACK

Pandemic influenza — the next plague?

In one of Dr. Offit’s recent columns for The Daily Beast, he discussed influenza pandemics, describing their cyclical nature as well as the biology behind them. You can read his other columns on a dedicated page of The Daily Beast website or by clicking from the VEC homepage.

New laws in countries around the world encourage vaccination

Sometimes parents in the U.S. wonder about vaccine laws in other countries. Recently, laws encouraging vaccines have changed in these countries:

  • Germany will require schools with kindergarteners to notify the national health authority of parents who do not fulfill vaccination counseling requirements.
  • Italy, which has experienced measles outbreaks more than many European Union countries, will begin to fine parents who do not vaccinate their children.
  • Australia provides family tax rebates to lower earning families that keep kids up to date on immunizations.

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