Vaccine News & Notes — July 2019

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Parents PACK

What vaccines do you need?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a quick, 10-question quiz to help adults determine whether they need any vaccines. Information is not stored, and once completed, a list of potentially needed vaccines will be generated, so that you can discuss your needs with your healthcare provider.

Check out this easy-to-use resource.

Measles podcast

Voices for Vaccines, a parent advocacy group, recently spoke with Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center, to find out more about measles and the current outbreaks for their podcast series, Vax Talk.

Listen to the episode, Dr. Offit Talks Measles.

Contagious Conversations podcast: Season two released

The CDC Foundation recently released season two of their podcast series, Contagious Conversations. The new season includes conversations about building a culture of health in America, overcoming health challenges in communities and eradicating polio.

Check out the new season.

Children’s book about measles — Free and available in several languages

Paul Has Measles is a children’s story about how diseases can spread and how we can protect ourselves. The book was written by three virologists from Mexico, Susana López, Martha Yocupicio and Selene Zárate, and illustrated by Eva Lobatón. It can be freely downloaded in nine languages or purchased through Amazon. The Spanish version is also available in video format on YouTube.

Check it out today.

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