Vaccine News & Notes — March 2017

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Immunity Warriors: A digital comic book for kids

Canadian doctor Kumanan Wilson and a team of multimedia designers created an online motion comic Immunity WarriorsInvasion of Alien Zombies. The project animates comic book drawings to form moving pictures with sound and a three-dimensional feel using metaphors of viruses and bacteria acting as aliens to describe how the immune system works. The motion comic is available online or through the CANImmunize mobile app, an app that enables Canadians to maintain immunization records.

Looking for vaccine information online?

The science blogger known as Skeptical Raptor has a search engine with more than 55 pre-populated Google searches on popular vaccine search topics that provides results showing scientifically based, peer-reviewed information. The tool also gives users the ability to perform a Google search using their own words or questions and returns information that meets scientific standards.


Influenza, mumps outbreaks throughout the U.S.

Influenza and mumps continue to circulate throughout the United States. By late February 2017, 45 states were reporting widespread influenza illness. Since the start of influenza season, 34 children have died from influenza or related complications.

Similarly, almost 500 cases of mumps were reported in 27 states during January 2017. This continues a trend from 2016 when more than 5,300 cases of mumps were confirmed.

You can learn more about influenza and mumps on the Vaccine Education Center website, or by downloading our free mobile app, which includes disease timelines and contagiousness graphics.

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