Vaccine News & Notes — November 2022

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Wondering about RSV?

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a virus that infects people during the fall and winter months. Those most at risk of severe disease if infected are infants and the elderly, although anyone can become ill. Currently, no vaccines are available to protect against RSV, but hopefully, one day, this will be another illness that can be prevented or lessened through vaccination.

For more information about RSV, vaccine progress and treatments, check these resources on the CHOP and VEC websites:

Infectious diseases and pregnancy: What you should know

Pregnancy is a time full of questions, including about vaccinations. While some vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy, others are specifically recommended. To find out more and see why some vaccinations are particularly important, check out the VEC’s recently updated Q&A.

New book collection helps children understand vaccines, grief, and other topics after the COVID-19 pandemic

Ashley Hosbach, Education and Social Science Research Librarian at the University of Virginia, realized that during the COVID-19 pandemic, new books were being published to help children understand and work through what was happening. But she also realized that some of the books were difficult to find, so she and her colleagues set out to pull together all of these titles in one place. The result was a collection of more than 300 books for children that address a variety of aspects of our lived experience, including managing fear and anxiety, grief and loss, processing traumatic events, return to school and more.