Vaccine News & Notes — October 2018

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Dr. Offit defends vaccines on Pulse Check podcast

Dr. Offit sat down with Dan Diamond, a healthcare and public policy reporter from Politico, for an extended conversation about vaccines, vaccine safety, and how the current national climate can negatively affect substantive scientific discussion. Listen to the podcast.

No matter your age, vaccines are a necessity

The Shot of Prevention blog is a project of Every Child by Two that offers weekly posts with vaccine information for different age groups.

In Europe, reported measles cases at highest rates this decade

According to the World Health Organization, more than 41,000 children and adults in Europe were diagnosed with measles during the first six months of 2018. That is more than any other yearly total this decade.

As influenza season approaches, answers to your questions

We recently updated the influenza question-and-answer sheet. The sheet, which is available in English, Spanish and Japanese, answers common questions about the disease and the vaccines that can prevent it. Updates include information about the return of the nasal spray influenza vaccine.

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