Vaccine News & Notes — October 2022

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Do Vaccines Overwhelm the Immune System?

Check out our recently updated infographic describing how we know that vaccines do not overwhelm the immune system.

The infographic can be found, along with additional details related to this question, in the “Impact of vaccines on the immune system” section of the VEC’s “Vaccine Safety: Immune System and Health” webpage.

Infectious Diseases and Travel

If you or a family member is planning to travel abroad, our updated Q&A, “Infectious diseases and travel: What you should know,” may be helpful. The Q&A not only addresses vaccines that may be important during travel, but it also describes how travel medicine providers can help individuals and families prepare for and stay safe during travel. The Q&A also offers information about finding a travel medicine specialist near you.

Check out the Q&A today!

Essay contest winners announced!

The winners of the 2022 Maurice R. Hilleman Essay Contest were celebrated in a virtual event at the end of September. Each of the winners addressed the role of determination in science, a characteristic exemplified by Dr. Hilleman as he worked to create more vaccines than any individual scientist in history. The winning essays describe a variety of scientists who demonstrated determination throughout their careers.

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