Vaccine News & Notes — September 2020

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Virtual learning and vaccines

You might be wondering whether your child needs vaccines if your school district has decided to go virtual for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The answer is yes for a few reasons. First, when schools reopen, you do not want your child to be behind on required vaccines and as a consequence be unable to attend. Second, schools are not the only reason why children should be vaccinated. Vaccinations protect your child, your family members and your community. Maintaining high levels of immunization contribute to community immunity, which helps protect those around you who can’t get vaccinated due to age, medical conditions or other reasons.

For more information, check out “Do kids need vaccines if they’re doing virtual learning or homeschool this fall?” by Shot of Prevention.

Thirty years protecting communities

Congratulations to our colleagues at the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) for 30 years of protecting communities throughout the country by providing immunization resources and guidance. IAC was recently featured in a 30-minute PBS documentary, hosted by Sam Waterston, titled Protecting Health: Saving Lives. The film describes the founding of IAC and why Dr. Deborah Wexler, the organization’s founder and director, continues to believe in the importance of immunization.

Watch the film.

New videos help parents prepare for their baby’s well visits

Expecting a newborn or know someone who is? Boost Oregon, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing evidence-based vaccine education, recently released a video series to help new parents prepare for their baby’s well visits during the first year of life. Available in English and Spanish, each four- to six-minute video features Dr. Rachel Manzo, a pediatrician and a mom, describing the vaccines babies will receive as well as what to expect during a well visit and how to prepare:

  1. Your Baby’s Two-Month Wellness Appointment: English | Spanish
  2. Your Baby’s Four-Month Wellness Appointment: English | Spanish
  3. Your Baby’s Six-Month Wellness Appointment: English | Spanish
  4. Your Baby’s Nine-Month Wellness Appointment: English | Spanish
  5. Your Child’s One-Year Wellness Appointment: English | Spanish

The videos are also available on Boost Oregon’s website.

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