Sometimes, we are so busy that we forget about tools that might help with the workload, or at least make it feel a bit less like an uphill battle. If you haven’t looked at them lately, you might want to check out these five tools available from our colleagues:

Related to all vaccines

  • Laminated 2019 schedules — The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) offers laminated copies of the current immunization schedules for a small fee. To view or order:
  • Immunization Techniques: Best Practices with Infants, Children, and Adults DVD — Created by the California Department of Public Health, and distributed by IAC, viewers can learn more about administering, documenting and educating about vaccines. Learn more on the IAC site. The DVD can be ordered using the IAC order form.

Related to vaccine safety

  • Vaccine safety references compiled — Although this section of the newsletter typically does not include VEC resources, we wanted to remind you about the comprehensive list of vaccine safety-related references and summaries since it is a useful place to check for concerns parents are mentioning and quickly locate sound science. Find it at Also, remember the various Q&A sheets, booklets and videos related to vaccine safety available to share with families. Check them out online or place an order. Most can be photocopied, linked to, or excerpted with citation. If you are uncertain, feel free to email us at

Related to specific vaccines

  • #HowIRecommend HPV Vaccination Video Series — These short videos developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) feature clinicians discussing how they talk about HPV vaccination with their patients and families.
  • PneumoRecs VaxAdvisor mobile app — Pneumococcal vaccine recommendations can be tough to sort out, so this app, developed by the CDC, allows you to enter patient information, such as age, underlying medical conditions, and pneumococcal vaccination history, to provide patient-specific guidance about how to proceed.

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