Autism resources

The Autism Science Foundation recently held its annual “Day of Learning” TED-style science conference. The videos are now posted online for free viewing and include talks about:

To find out all the latest news and research related to autism, visit the Autism Science Foundation’s website.

Perinatal transmission of hepatitis B

Recently, Medscape published a detailed article related to hepatitis B transmission. Titled “Perinatal transmission of the hepatitis B virus,” the article presents a clinical scenario and includes information about experiences with immunoglobulin prophylaxis of infected mothers as well as risks for failure using this approach. The article also includes a discussion of antiviral treatment options.

If you do not have a free Medscape account, you can easily sign up.

CDC Health Alerts Network

Do you get the Health Alert updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? If not, you might want to sign up for these important updates. This network is the CDC’s primary method for disseminating important information about public health incidents.

The alerts arrive by email, but are not sent out unless important information is available for distribution. So while no alerts were sent in May 2015, by June 19, four alerts had been issued. The newly issued alerts relate to:

To learn more about the network, sign up for alerts, or to review archived alerts, go to the Health Alert Network Web page.

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