Vaccine Resources: Cardiac Complications in Children, Travel in the Time of COVID-19, and Looking at the Causes and Costs of VPD Outbreaks

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Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers

Cardiac complications of COVID-19 in children

Although this episode of the CHOP podcast, “Primary Care Perspectives,” was recorded in February 2021, the discussion with CHOP pediatric cardiologist, Matthew Elias, remains timely because it offers a general overview of myocarditis as well as a discussion of myocarditis in children infected with COVID-19.

The Primary Care Perspectives podcast is hosted by Katie Lockwood, a CHOP primary care pediatrician, and covers a variety of timely pediatric-based topics and conditions.

Travel in the time of COVID-19

Are your patients starting to travel more? Are they asking you questions about travel? If so, don’t forget about the CDC’s comprehensive travel health website. Travelers can find guidance, including:

Looking at the causes and costs of VPD outbreaks

The International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recently published a new issue of VoICE (The Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence) titled, “Vaccine-preventable Outbreaks: Becoming All Too Common and Costly.”

The information is useful for considering what causes outbreaks, the different categories of repercussions, and five investments important for global preparedness. Of particular interest are some clever infographics using matches to describe the factors that contribute generally to outbreaks as well as specifically to measles and cholera outbreaks.

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