CDC immunization recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released an updated version of the General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization. The 194-page document outlines the specific recommendations related to vaccine administration including timing and spacing of vaccines, contraindications and precautions, preventing and managing adverse reactions, vaccine administration, storage and handling of immunobiologics, altered immunocompetence, special situations, vaccination records, vaccination programs, and vaccine information sources. This document is a must-have reference for anyone who gives immunizations.

WHO position papers on measles and HPV

As part of its mandate, the World Health Organization (WHO) periodically issues position papers related to health policy matters as a means of guidance for its member states. The documents are prepared following systematic (GRADE) assessment of the latest scientific information on the subject and are reviewed by WHO staff and external experts. These documents provide useful information related to the most updated global information about the disease and any vaccines available as well as WHO recommendations for vaccine use. It is important to realize that the WHO recommendations are described in such a way as to be pertinent for both resource-rich and resource-poor settings.

Recently, they released two related to vaccine-preventable diseases:

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