CDC vaccine safety website redesigned

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced a redesigned and improved vaccine safety website. The site includes sections related to:

  • Safety information about specific vaccines
  • Common vaccine safety concerns
  • Ensuring safety
  • Vaccine safety research

Information is also divided into sections for parents and caregivers as well as healthcare providers.

WHO initiative’s Vaccine Safety Net revises website evaluation criteria

The Vaccine Safety Net (VSN), a World Health Organization initiative, recently revised the criteria for evaluating the validity of vaccine safety websites. The criteria were endorsed by the Global Advisory Committee for Vaccine Safety (GACVS) and are published on the Vaccine Safety Net website. These criteria are useful for sharing with your patients and their families if they are searching the Internet for information about vaccines.

The VSN project also conducts reviews of sites and maintains a list of websites in various languages that have successfully implemented the criteria.

Materials in this section are updated as new information and vaccines become available. The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy.

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