This month we wanted to highlight three resources that will be helpful to know about for your own use or for use by your colleagues.

AAP develops children’s vaccination interactive map

Do you want to know what the routine childhood vaccine coverage is in your state? Want to know where there have been recent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases? How about vaccination rates over time or a deeper dive into vaccination gaps? You can find all of this information using the new tool created by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Check it out today!

Meningitis B Action Project releases meningococcal vaccine algorithm

The Meningitis B Action Project recently released an algorithm to aide healthcare providers in appropriately vaccinating patients with meningococcal ACWY and meningococcal B vaccines.

The algorithm can be downloaded or ordered, and it will soon be available in digital version.

Check it out today!

CDC offers free “Pink Book” webinar series

Each week between July 5 and Nov. 1, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be releasing a new video-based session addressing a chapter from the most recent version of Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, more commonly known as the “Pink Book.”

Individuals do not need to register, and each session is archived, so you can view sessions at your convenience. These are great for teams to view together or individually, so that everyone is starting from the same place when it comes to vaccines and related recommendations.

Check out (and bookmark) the series today!

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