COVID-19 resources

New resources related to COVID-19 continue to be released, including some that you might find helpful for your patients, their families or your staff:

Vaccinate Your Family

Vaccinate Your Family recently released materials to promote routine immunizations during the pandemic:

Find out more about Vaccinate Your Family.

Choose Wisely

The Choose Wisely team shared some useful partner resources, including:

Find the full set of COVID-19 updates from Choose Wisely.

Voices for Vaccines

Voices for Vaccines recently interviewed Dr. Stanley Plotkin, inventor of the rubella vaccine, among others, to get an update on COVID-19 vaccine development.

Learn more about Voices for Vaccines, a pro-vaccine parent organization.

Unity website relaunched

The Unity Consortium focuses on adolescent vaccinations. Recently, they relaunched their website,

The refreshed site has sections for healthcare providers, parents and teens/young adults. It also has information about their initiatives and hot topics.

Check it out today!

World Immunization Week IVAC webinars

The International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) held a series of webinars during World Immunization Week at the end of April 2020. The recorded events are now available:

To get the slides or see brief summaries, visit the IVAC website.

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