Guidance on shared clinical decision making

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published an FAQ page related to the shared clinical decision-making recommendations. Questions addressed include information about:

  • How these recommendations differ from other types of recommendations
  • Who is considered a healthcare provider in the context of these recommendations
  • Which patients these recommendations apply to
  • Whether this type of recommendation is covered by insurers
  • And more

Check out the page today.

Continuing education opportunity for nurses and medical assistants

The CDC recently published a new continuing education opportunity, called “How to Foster a Culture of Immunization.” The course content focuses on “practical strategies to improve vaccination rates in practice, including how to deliver clear and concise vaccine recommendations and address parents’ frequently asked questions.”

The course is freely available as an on-demand video module and can be applied toward CME, CNE, CEU, and CECH credits.

Download the module.

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