HPV webinar

Presented by Dr. Susan Kressly, a recently retired pediatrician, the webinar was part of an event for the public, and it included information about HPV disease, vaccination and the importance of prevention. For immediate access to previously recorded event, you need to “register” with your name and email address.

Autism Science Foundation’s Day of Learning

The presentations from the Autism Science Foundation’s (ASF) Day of Learning are now posted online. Presentations included discussions of the current state of research, working with adolescents and adults who have autism, considerations related to the use of applied behavioral analysis, terminology and more. Watch one or more of the presentations today.

Coalition resources

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has compiled a page of resources for building and maintaining coalition support. The page includes links to guides, a webinar and grant opportunities. If you are working with coalitions, check it out today.

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