Messages affect us differently, so at the Vaccine Education Center, we always appreciate hearing about innovative ways that others are getting the word out about the importance of vaccination. Recently, two such projects have come to our attention.

Angel Wings

Frankie Milley has been a powerful advocate for the importance of vaccination against meningococcal disease ever since losing her only child, Ryan, to the disease. The founder and director of Meningitis Angels, Frankie continues to find innovative ways to share the message about the importance of protecting children against meningitis as well as remembering and honoring those individuals and families forever affected by this ravaging disease.

To this end, Frankie and some of her Meningitis Angels recently partnered with country music newcomer, Curtis Braly, to write and record the song “Angel Wings.” The song can be downloaded from iTunes, and other music providers, for a small fee, and the video can be viewed free of charge on YouTube. Meningitis Angels benefits from income associated with musical downloads, so please consider adding this powerful song to your playlist today!

In addition, individuals who visit and donate at least $20 will receive a copy of the musical CD/DVD as a token of appreciation for their support.

"Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic"

This documentary, produced by Lumiere Media, powerfully tells the stories of five women and their families affected by HPV. Narrated by Vanessa Williams and focused on the misconceptions, stigma, shame and heartbreak experienced by those affected, this feature-length film will leave you thinking differently about HPV.

Providers who give HPV vaccine should watch the film to see what patients experience, as told in their own words, when diagnosed with cervical cancer. In addition, this documentary can be used as a tool for educating and starting discussions around the importance of HPV vaccination. The film is a wonderful combination of pathos, medicine and science with a clear call to action.

Bonus — Get continuing education credits for watching the film!

Our colleagues at the Indiana Immunization Coalition have partnered with the Indiana School of Medicine and Lumiere Media to offer CME credits to physicians nationwide for watching this film! For no charge, physicians can watch the film and complete the CME requirements to earn 1.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.

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