Several vaccine- and disease-related messages are important, yet competing for attention, amid the pandemic. Hopefully, these resources can help:

Message: Get adolescents vaccinated

The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable recently released several new resources to focus attention on getting adolescents vaccinated this summer. Called “Getting adolescent health back on track,” the program offers several resources:

Related to this, and discussed previously in this newsletter, catching up all children is important. Check out the June Vaccine Update feature article, "Three Current Clinical Issues Resulting from COVID-19 and Resources to Help," for resources to catch up on immunizations as well as to address COVID fatigue and return to office visits.

Message: Prepare for influenza vaccine season

Late 2020, unlike early 2020, is likely to find both SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses causing disease at the same time. As such, it will be important to differentiate them and actively work to prevent both. While the masking, handwashing and social distancing being used to decrease spread of COVID-19 are likely to also decrease the spread of influenza, we have the added benefit of influenza vaccination. It is important to start planning for and discussing influenza vaccinations now. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently posted an important article, "The Difference Between Flu and COVID-19," that describes the differences between these infections, including signs and symptoms, transmission, high-risk groups, complications, treatments and vaccines.

Message: Prepare for COVID-19 vaccines

When a COVID-19 vaccine is licensed, questions about the vaccine, concerns about safety, and plans for distribution will take center stage. Therefore, it is important to monitor what is happening as studies are completed and be prepared to speak about them with patients. The following resources may help:

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