Tips for working with patients diagnosed with autism

Milestones Autism Resources is a nonprofit group that focuses on helping those diagnosed with autism and their families. The organization’s goal is to “improve lives through education and evidence-based strategies for school, home, community and work.” The Milestones website has a vast array of resources that may also be helpful for healthcare providers who see patients with autism, including:

Finding WHO info related to infectious diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) maintains several websites related to health and infectious diseases. If you are looking for particular information, these topic-specific sites may help you more easily find it:

The last page of the Nov. 29, 2019, issue of WER offered a more extensive list of topics and URLs.

CDC videos about HPV

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a great new video series about HPV, called Can I Ask You a Question? The series of videos are each less than one minute in length and feature physicians outside of the office being contacted by acquaintances who have a question about HPV or the vaccine.

Check out Can I Ask You a Question? on the CDC’s website or YouTube.

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