Updated VIS

The Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for rotavirus was updated to remove an outdated link related to porcine circovirus. The new sheet is dated 2/23/18 and should be used as soon as possible or when current supplies are exhausted.

Travel alert

More travelers to Brazil are recommended to get Yellow Fever vaccine due to an ongoing outbreak in that country. Current travel alerts are level 2 which indicates taking enhanced precautions. In addition to vaccination, travelers should avoid mosquito bites, and unvaccinated travelers should avoid traveling to affected areas. To see a map showing recommended vaccination travel areas, review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel alert.

A Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria was also reported; however, the precaution level is 1, indicating travelers should practice usual precautions.

Tiny Health website

Tiny Health is a project started by pediatric nurse Gail Condon and pediatrician Mick Carter in Ireland. The goal of the project is to change how we communicate with children in healthcare settings, so that they understand what is happening during healthcare visits and can participate in decision-making with a goal of increased compliance, particularly when a child is diagnosed with a chronic condition. Custom and personalized materials and collaborative opportunities are available from their website.

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