Addressing vaccine misinformation, hesitancy and denial

The following resources may be of interest for responding to vaccine misinformation, hesitancy and denial:

Well-visit videos for new parents

Boost Oregon recently released short videos for new parents describing what will happen during well visits scheduled during the first year of a baby’s life. Each video is available in English and Spanish. Find out more or watch the videos.

Flu vaccine promise campaign

Families Fighting Flu (FFF) is hosting a flu vaccination pledge campaign this fall. The “Families Fighting Flu Vaccination Promise” asks people to complete a form that includes a deadline for getting their flu vaccine by October 1, Election Day or Thanksgiving. Completing the form adds people to the campaign wall, and FFF will also send an email reminder to those who complete the form for each deadline date.

Hepatitis B vaccine disparities in refugee and immigrant communities — free e-course

Within Reach, a Washington-state based organization focused on the health of families, recently released a free e-learning course that addresses how to work with immigrant and refugee families to ensure that they are screened and treated for hepatitis B. Find out more or register for the course.

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