Vaccine Resources: Vaccine Safety Communications Resources e-Library, State of Vaccine Confidence, and Vaccine Journey Infographic

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Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers

Vaccine safety resources e-library

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently unveiled their new vaccine safety communications e-library. The site is open to submissions and aims “to facilitate collection and sharing of tools and resources for the vaccine safety communicators. However, it can also be useful to persons who are interested in the vaccine safety, including parents and the general public.” Materials are available from groups around the world. Find out more or review some of the resources today.

State of Vaccine Confidence 2018

Recently published in The Lancet, this three-page report written by Heidi J. Larson reviews recent disease outbreaks and vaccine safety concerns throughout the world. In addition, the article highlights actions that are needed to increase vaccine confidence. The article is available for free, but you need to set up an account with The Lancet if you do not have one.

Vaccine journey infographic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a short video to demonstrate how vaccines are made. The five-minute video aimed at parents describes the complete vaccine development process from the different phases of clinical trials through the long-term monitoring of vaccines for safety.

Access the video on the "Infant and Childhood Immunization Resources" page by selecting "videos" from the right column.

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