VIS updates

The hepatitis B vaccine information statement (VIS) has been updated to include information about availability of a two-dose series. The new edition date is Oct. 12, 2018. Supplies of older versions can be used before using the new version.

Traveler updates

A series of updates and new travel alerts were posted in October. Alerts related to rubella (Japan), polio (several countries) and monkeypox (Nigeria). If you do not receive the alerts or you want to check or share these alerts, visit the CDC’s travel notices page.

New hepatitis B resources for adults

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) has introduced a series of tools to increase awareness around hepatitis B in adults. The toolkit includes a patient-friendly infographic as well as a series of tools for providers, including continuing education opportunities. Check out the toolkit components on the NFID’s dedicated page.

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