Vaccine Safety and Autism Resources

The Vaccine Education Center has compiled the following resources addressing concerns surrounding vaccine safety as it relates to autism. These materials are based on the scientific findings of many scientists studying hundreds of thousands of children on multiple continents. The one clear and consistent finding is that vaccines do not cause autism.

Print materials

  • Vaccines and Autism: What you should know – English [PDF, 225KB] | Spanish [PDF, 717KB]
  • Thimerosal: What you should know - English [PDF, 193KB] | Spanish [PDF, 209KB]
  • Too many vaccines: What you should know - English [PDF, 319KB] | Spanish [PDF, 324KB]
  • Aluminum in vaccines: What you should know - English [PDF, 296KB] | Spanish [PDF, 333KB]
  • Vaccine ingredients: What you should know - English [PDF, 146KB] | Spanish [PDF, 172KB]
  • Recommended immunization schedule: What you should know - English [PDF, 338KB] | Spanish [PDF, 277KB]
  • The Facts About Childhood Vaccines – English [PDF, 297KB] | Spanish [PDF, 242KB]
  • Vaccine Safety and Your Child booklet – English [PDF, 1.5MB] | Spanish [PDF, 1.8MB]