Vaccine App: "Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know"

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know provides vaccine- and disease-related information — Anytime. Anywhere. The app is useful for anyone who might have questions about vaccines, diseases, or the immune system, and it includes simple visuals, videos, animations and more.

Watch this short video to take a peek inside the app and to find out what aspects others find most helpful!

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Vaccine Mobile App

Narrator: The Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is excited to share our new, redesigned mobile app, Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know. The app provides easy access to vaccine information — anytime, anywhere.

Expectant mother: I really enjoyed using the mobile app because it was a great resource. When the doctor told me which vaccines I needed to get because I was pregnant, I can go into the app and see what all the pregnancy-related vaccines are and also watch videos on vaccines like the flu vaccine, especially with it being flu season.

Healthcare provider: The Vaccines on the Go mobile app is just really helpful to me. When I am working with colleagues, when I am teaching others, when I am just in the office taking care of patients, it’s a great way to pick up information very quickly. In addition, because there’s some very nicely constructed infographics, just figures with information that shows exactly how diseases spread. For example in the case of varicella, there is a really nice way just to communicate what the implications are of being vaccinated in terms of preventing disease or not being vaccinated in terms of potentially contributing to spread.

Teacher: So, what I really like about the app is that it’s easily accessible for students if they have an iPhone or an iPad; they can download the app and they have a ton of information right available to them in their fingertips. So, especially with my microbiology class, we learn a lot about disease and infection and it’s really helpful for them to be able to pull up that information about how the immune system works and how the immune system is going to attack the infection. But I really appreciate the fact that there are animations included in the text so that students can read about the immune system and then also watch a video that kind of helps them explain it more in detail about what’s going on within their bodies.

Father: So, we find the Vaccines on the Go mobile app useful for a couple different reasons. One of the things I like the most is the ability to watch the videos in the video library. I’ve found that a lot of times I have questions that I can go there and they’re answered even before I think to write them down in the app or go to look for the information. So that’s one of the things I find the most useful.

Mother: I love the amount of vaccine and disease education provided from the app, and I love that you can email an expert with any questions. Sometimes at doctors’ appointments everything gets a little bit hectic, so you don’t get to ask all your questions or you think of questions at random times. So, I love that you can email and expert and get an answer back at anytime.

Narrator: Visit to learn more and download their free copy for access anytime, anywhere.

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