February 2024: Vaccines and Infectious Diseases in the News

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Find information about the latest vaccines and infectious diseases that have been in the news.


Cases of measles continued to be identified in Philadelphia and the surrounding area during January, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently alerted healthcare providers across the country to monitor for measles.  

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Fall respiratory viruses (Influenza, COVID-19 and RSV)

It is not surprising that cases of three vaccine-preventable respiratory diseases (Influenza, COVID-19 and RSV) are increasing on the heels of holiday gatherings. When we spread our good cheer, we also share our viruses. While it is not too late to get vaccinated against any of these infections (the seasons for flu and RSV will go through the spring and COVID-19 has yet to become seasonal), remember that it takes about two weeks to gain immunity following vaccination.

Find out more about each of these vaccines and who should get them in this video with Dr. Offit.

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Misinformation about DNA fragments in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

Recently, DNA fragments in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have been a source for concern, particularly following unfounded statements during official proceedings or by political appointees. To be clear, the mRNA vaccines are safe and these concerns related to DNA fragments are unfounded.

Watch this video in which Dr. Offit describes why we do not need to worry about this issue when it comes to mRNA vaccines.

For additional information, please check these VEC webpages:

You can also read more about the misinformation surrounding DNA fragments in Dr. Offit’s Substack, “Beyond the Noise.”

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