Our Mission

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the oldest hospital in the United States dedicated exclusively to pediatrics, strives to be the world leader in the advancement of healthcare for children by integrating excellent patient care, innovative research and quality professional education into all of its programs.


Children's Hospital is committed to researching and finding cures for chronic and fatal pediatric illnesses. Our physician-researchers draw on the latest available information about the human genome to customize therapies to variations in genetic makeup. Oncologists are working on therapeutic vaccines for children that teach patients' healthy cells to recognize and fight cancer. Other researchers are investigating prenatal stem-cell transplants to improve treatments for a variety of diseases including muscular dystrophy, leukemia and sickle cell disease.

Family-centered care

The Hospital was one of the first in the United States to recognize the importance of treating all aspects of the patient, including emotional well-being and that of the child's family. We work to educate families as partners in their children's care, and we rely on their feedback to improve our services. The Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy Department is designed to nurture the hearts and minds of patients and families while caregivers treat the body.

Education and advocacy

Children's Hospital healthcare providers also are aware that preventing disease is at least as important as treating illnesses. Current advocacy programs include those to prevent HIV and asthma, as well as early intervention to best prepare children for school and to help chronically ill young adults live on their own.

Since its founding in 1855, Children's Hospital has fostered some of the nation's pioneers in pediatric medicine and continues to be the premier training ground for future pediatric leaders.

We have been the first to contribute many innovations to the field. Our commitment to improving the health of all children has remained constant over 150 years. We have had major accomplishments and have significant programs in a variety of areas including cardiac, genetic and cancer research; and fetal surgery, neonatology and automobile safety research. The Hospital has pioneered several vaccines against childhood illness, and our scientists continue to investigate new vaccines to fight deadly diseases.

Like our founders, physicians and staff today at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia share the common goal to make sick children well and to secure a healthy future for families.

Next Steps