Specialty Care for Kids

When your child needs specialized healthcare, you can make an appointment with top specialists and surgeons from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in 15+ convenient locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Find one near you!

About Your Child's Surgery

We understand your child’s surgery can be a stressful experience for the entire family. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered information about what you can expect before, during and after surgery, what to bring, nearby resources and more.

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Before Your Child’s Surgery

What you need to know before your child’s surgery and how to best prepare your child.

Your child’s preoperative appointment

Preparing your child

Preparing siblings for a brother or sister’s surgery

The day before your child’s surgery

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The Day of Your Child’s Surgery

What to expect the day of your child’s surgery, what to bring and more.

The day of your child’s surgery

About anesthesia

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After Your Child’s Surgery

Recovering from surgery can be difficult for anyone. Help prepare your child so they can better cope with any discomfort.

Recovery after surgery

Pain control after surgery

Helping children cope with pain

Going home