Urgent Care for Kids

Our pediatric Urgent Care Centers provide fast, convenient, after-hours care for children with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries that don’t need the resources of an emergency department (ED). Urgent Care Centers are staffed by board-certified pediatricians and pediatric nurses from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Onsite X-ray, COVID-19 testing, EKG and labs are also available. Learn about the difference between urgent care and ER services, when to choose each and how to find a location near you. Hours vary by location.

For help determining the severity of your child’s symptoms and what type of care they need, start with this online symptom checker to help you make informed decisions.

Emergency Department (ER) or Pediatric Urgent Care?

Closeup of young infant

Wondering whether the ED or urgent care is the best choice for your sick child? Learn about your options when the doctor’s office is closed.

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