Why Choose Advanced Cardiac Therapies for Heart Failure Patients

Part of the internationally recognized Cardiac Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), the Advanced Cardiac Therapies for Heart Failure (ACT-HF) program is dedicated to the prevention, discovery and groundbreaking treatment of advanced heart failure in children.

A world-leading team

The ACT-HF team are international leaders in advanced heart failure and innovative care for children with cardiomyopathy and complex congenital heart disease. With a depth of medical and surgical expertise, our heart failure team is one of the most experienced in the country, pioneering innovative mechanical circulatory support to improve post-transplant outcomes. Our multidisciplinary experts include a highly published research team dedicated to the development of targeted medical therapies aimed at preventing and treating heart failure.

A dedicated place for dedicated care

CHOP's Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) is one of the largest pediatric critical care units in the country, offering unique expertise to the high volume of patients with complex congenital heart disease. The CICU will soon expand to include a dedicated five-bed Heart Failure Intensive Care Unit, one of only two in the country. ACT-HF aims to improve patient outcomes by providing a dedicated place — with a dedicated team of surgical, medical, rehabilitation and ICU providers — where critically ill heart failure patients can access all the services they need in one place.

Advanced rehabilitation

CHOP’s Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology Laboratory is the largest of its kind in the country, enabling ACT-HF to provide a state-of-the-art exercise program, in addition to physical and occupational therapy, for all ventricular assist device (VAD) patients, ensuring they are healthy candidates for heart transplant.

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