Preparing for Your Advanced Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Therapeutics Appointment

What to expect at your child’s initial visit

Prior to your visit, you’ll be asked to provide the team with your child’s medical records and imaging. This information will be reviewed before you arrive for your appointment. During the visit, your child’s history will be reviewed and options for treatment will be discussed. Together, you and the medical team will decide on a treatment plan for your child.

Your child’s treatment plan and return for clinic visits will vary based on your child’s individual situation and treatment protocol requirements. For families traveling from a distance, we will work with your local provider to optimize care and reduce the need for travel.

The response to targeted therapies is assessed by measuring changes on radiological scans (anatomic changes) to determine whether there are fewer or more lesions and if the lesions are decreasing or increasing in size.

If one drug does not work, or stops working, the team will recommend a new option. Patients who qualify for a clinical trial have the option to be enrolled in one of the many thyroid cancer protocols available at CHOP.

Next Steps

To schedule an appointment for your child, contact the Pediatric Thyroid Center online, call 215-590-5129 or email

You can also access care by contacting the Developmental Therapeutics Program online or by calling 267-426-0762.