Online Support Groups for New and Expecting Parents

Support groups are an evidence-based practice for decreasing symptoms of anxiety, depression and social isolation. When social connection is so necessary, but not possible for many, online support groups are a safe avenue for therapeutic support.

The Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment gathered the following online support resources that you may find helpful at different points in your journey. Below you’ll find groups geared towards expecting moms, new parents, dads and partners.

National Parent Helpline

National Parent Helpline offers many specific groups dedicated to different age groups, dads, parent mental health and finding resources in your area. Spanish resources are also available.


Review this list of groups for new moms curated by to find the one that best suits you and your family.

Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group

Gather with other moms, learn from them, and be supported by an experienced professional motherhood counselor in the Blossoming Mothers Online Support Group.

Baby Center

Baby Center offers a wide variety of groups and chat topics to connect with other parents and experts. For example, join a “Birth Club” for your child’s specific birth month and year to connect with mothers of children who are the same age.

Hand to Hold NICU Family Support Groups

Hand to Hold understands that a high-risk pregnancy, a complicated birth, a NICU stay or the loss of a baby are very traumatic and isolating experiences. Hand to Hold’s virtual and in-person support groups, including those for Spanish speakers, are available to support parents at any stage in their journey.

Facebook Groups

  • Working Moms Support Group: A place for mothers who are working to connect with other working moms.
  • Mommies of Miracles: An online community for mothers of children with healthcare or developmental needs.
  • Postpartum Dads: A private Facebook group sponsored by Postpartum Support International that allows dads to share their experiences. To join, please send a request with your Facebook name to

The Motherhood Center

While many new and expecting moms struggle from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) — otherwise known as postpartum depression — partners do too. Whether you are a mom or a partner trying to support her through it, the Motherhood Center offers groups for both where you can meet others having a similar experience. Each group has a cost associated.

MOPS International

Find a MOPS International group using your zip code. Most meetings are currently being held online.

Postpartum Stress Center

The Postpartum Stress Center offers various support groups, including those for dads/partners, with call in options.

What to Expect: Postpartum Depression

What to Expect hosts a postpartum depression forum that features various conversation threads. Join a conversation or start a new discussion.

Postpartum Mood Disorders Community

This community offers several different chat room options for mothers with PPMD concerns (topics include pregnancy, medications, birth stories, breastfeeding, and alternative/holistic treatments), as well as a chat for spouses and supporters. Create an account to join the various chatrooms.

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

Free Phone Sessions

Call the PSI HelpLine at 1-800-944-4773 for basic information, support and resources. You are welcome to leave a confidential message any time, and a volunteer will return your message as soon as possible.

  • Call in to Wednesday chats for moms to connect with other moms and dads and talk with a PSI expert about resources, symptoms, options and general information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. These phone sessions, facilitated by a licensed mental health professionals, are informational only and open to anyone with questions and concerns.
  • First Monday Chats for Dads are free call-in forums for dads, partners, extended family members or other support people, facilitated by a perinatal mood disorder expert. Call for information, support, advice and connection with other dads and support people.
  • Apoyo de PSI para las familias hispano parlantes 1-800-944-4773, #1. Llame al Apoyo de PSI para las familias hispano parlantes. Llame al número de teléfono gratuito para obtener recursos, apoyo e información gratuita. Déjenos un mensaje y un voluntario le devolverá la llamada.

PSI Online Support Meetings

PSI offers weekly online support group meetings on a variety of topics where you can connect with other parents, talk about your experiences, and find helpful tools and resources. Visit the PSI website to register for an upcoming meeting:

  • Perinatal (Pregnancy & Postpartum) Mood Support Group: Led by experienced support group leaders who understand the emotional challenges of expecting and new parents. Topics covered include stress, adjustment to parenting, baby blues, pregnancy depression/anxiety and more.
  • Pregnancy Mood Support Group: Led by experienced support group leaders who understand the emotional challenges of expecting parents. Topics covered include stress, adjustment to parenting, baby blues, pregnancy depression/anxiety and more.
  • NICU Parents: Led by trained PSI facilitators and intended for parents of babies who are currently or were formerly in the NICU.
  • Military Moms: Led by trained facilitators who are military spouses and understand the unique stress of the military family life. 

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