Our Research

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has a long and distinguished tradition of research that has positioned the Hospital as a world-renowned pediatric research center. The many research breakthroughs at Children's Hospital have improved the lives of countless children not only in the Philadelphia region, but throughout the world.

Accordingly, the Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation’s Research Program strives to uphold excellence in simulation research by ensuring that the research conducted is innovative, pioneering and has a successful track record of translation and implementation to improve not only simulation training, but also provider bedside training and patient outcomes.

The Center prides itself on the number and multiple examples of extensive collaborative simulation research not only within CHOP but also external to CHOP. Ninety-five percent of our simulation research is collaborative with programs and individuals both external to the Center and to CHOP, and 75 percent of our simulation research assesses the effectiveness of simulation education. As such, funding has been acquired for many of our studies and has been of high caliber and able to support a vigorous research program and staff.

The Research Program encourages novel, innovative and pioneering research through the use of simulation, and successfully translates and implements research to improve provider confidence and competence on manikins, provider bedside operational performance on patients and patient and population outcomes. In December 2013, our program was the first Pediatric Program in the United State to achieve accreditation in research from the Society of Simulation in Healthcare. Our program has conducted over 50 studies, holds a monthly journal club and research conferences.