Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Patient Stories

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Anxiety and ADHD: Molly’s Story

Anxiety and ADHD: Molly’s Story

Molly faced problems with focus and worrying before the pandemic heightened her feelings. Behavioral Health clinicians at CHOP helped her get back on track.

Managing Big Emotions: Effie’s Story

Effie with her horse

Counseling on its own wasn’t enough to help Effie regulate her behavior. After working with CHOP, she started on medication and now can control her emotions.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Braylen’s Story


Braylen Clayton was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 2. Today, he is a 7-year-old who loves reading and playing with friends, thanks to intensive teamwork between his parents and experts at CHOP's Center for Childhood Communication and Autism Integrated Care program.