Your Child’s Experience with Compass Care

Whether your child is at home or has been admitted to the hospital, our team is available as a resource to you. The CHOP Compass Care team is here to help reduce any worry and stress your family may feel while caring for your child. 

Outpatient care coordination

At least twice a year, your child will come in for an appointment with the Compass Care team. During this appointment we will:

  • Talk about your child’s health and how she’s doing
  • Ask about important updates or changes in her health
  • Make sure we’re aware of any recent hospitalizations or emergency department visits
  • Discuss who is managing different aspects of your child’s care
  • Go over  any other questions or concerns you have

During these visits, we will help you prioritize your child’s healthcare needs. Following these visits, we can set up appointments with specialists, arrange for home care or educational support, and identify additional resources that your child may need.

These outpatient clinic visits keep us up-to-date on your child’s current needs so that we can help coordinate care among her primary care physician and other specialists. Our team does not offer primary care services, but provides resources and consultations to improve your overall experience.

Everything we discuss during your visits with the Compass Care team will be documented in your child’s health records. This will offer all of her healthcare providers a full picture of her current medical issues and problems, who is handling each one, and a clear road-map for her care and follow-up plans. We will also schedule routine telephone calls between visits to address concerns and determine care coordination needs.

Inpatient care coordination

If your child is hospitalized at CHOP, the Compass Care team will provide care coordination during her stay. We will talk to the team taking care of her during her hospitalization, then work with her primary care physician and other specialists to make sure everyone has the most accurate, up-to-date information about your child’s health.

Our focus on the big picture gives us a clear view of factors that may be contributing to her current hospitalization, and other issues that might need to be considered in her immediate care.

Transitioning your child’s care from hospital to home can be a particularly vulnerable time for patients. The Compass Care team also works with families and physicians to create a smooth transition out of the hospital.

We will work with all of your child’s providers to ensure there is a plan in place for this transition and for future appointments. We will help to determine who is following up and when. A member of the Compass Care team will also contact your family after discharge to make sure the transition home is going smoothly and address any issues you’re having.